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Women's Health Australia March 2018

Women’s Health Australia's mission is to help Aussie women feel happier and healthier (every single day!) with the ideal mix of fitness, food, nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, fitspo fashion and beauty, plus so much more.

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This issue, we couldn’t be happier to have one of the world’s biggest fitfluencers (Gold Coast babe Emily Skye) on our cover. And if you’re wondering why she’s pretty much radiating with joy in this shot, there’s an extremely good reason. As Skye revealed for the very first time in her exclusive chat with us, at the time this photo was taken (by our sister mag Women’s Health US) she was secretly six weeks pregnant with her daughter, Mia. As she told our features editor Alex Davies: “Declan and I only found out a few days before the shoot. I was feeling so sick but I was so incredibly excited.” What we love even more? The fact that, as you’ll read from page 78, she’s always been 100 per cent real.…

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IS IT RUDE TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING FOR A HOLIDAY WEEKEND? Real talk time: I use tampons – is there a benefit to menstrual cups or ‘period undies’? There are no particular health benefits; it’s more a question of comfort and convenience. Menstrual cups are often cost-saving, since they’re reusable. They’re made out of rubber latex or medical-grade silicone. Silicone cups can be a little more rigid, so some women prefer the flexibility of latex, but avoid those if you have a known allergy. “The cups come in a variety of sizes and lengths. Some patients buy a bunch to try out; some even come in and ask me to check theirs for them,” says gynaecologist Dr Michelle Tham Metz. “I don’t generally see higher rates of infection or increased discomfort with cups versus…

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BIOPHILIC GYMS Sick of the drab decor of your weights room? Say hello to biophilic gyms, which bring nature indoors. We’re talking hanging plants, turf floors and plenty of natural light. REEBOK X VICTORIA BECKHAM The style queen is teaming up with Reebok to bring out a range of fit gear by the end of the year. Just take our money already. SUSHI TACOS Make your colleagues seriously jealous by whipping up one of these at lunch. It’s sushi without the faff of rolling, and you can pile on the toppings. Yum. LAUGHTER YOGA This might be the weirdest way to make your day. Classes involve a series of bizarre exercises designed to make you belly laugh. The idea? Having a chuckle boosts your oxygen intake, endorphin levels and circulation. No joke. HEALTHY HOTELS The Westin’s new in-room video…

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CLOCK THIS Eating more than half of your day’s kilojoules before 2pm could leave you leaner than if you save them for later. A study also revealed people who ate most of their kJ intake within four hours of bed had more body fat than those who chowed down less at night. Who knew? Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 3 HAPPY KIPPERS WHO SLEEP FOR NINE HOURS A NIGHT CARRY THIS MANY CM LESS AROUND THEIR WAISTS, ON AVERAGE, THAN PEEPS WHO ONLY GET SIX HOURS. WHY? LACK OF ZS MAY MESS WITH METABOLISM. Source: University of Leeds Tea total She may not make a perfect brew, but take your colleague up on that cuppa offer. Green tea is already believed to support weight loss, but it turns out the black kind may help…

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HIT SNOOZE ON WRINKLES A study in Aesthetic Surgery Journal revealed that sleeping face down can lead to something no-one wants: sleep wrinkles. “These largely depend on the position you sleep in and how long you stay there,” says author Dr Goesel Anson. The way to wrinkle-free sleeping? Sleep on your back and stay there. Or, invest in a silk pillow, which will reduce friction and skin tugging while you slumber. Try Slip Silk Pillowcase, Queen size, $85. TARGET ACNE! Fact: 85 per cent of Aussies will develop acne during their life. And nearly half of those will be women experiencing it into their 30s. Want to help stop acne in its tracks? Debbie Dickson, educator at DMK, suggests integrating super ingredients such as vitamin A, beta glucan, salicylic acid, aloe vera, vitamin…

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MAX YOU MAG(IC) What do ’nanas, nuts and full-fat yoghurt have in common? Apart from all being non-offensive desk snacks, they’re powerhouses of the mineral magnesium – which could help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. In a new study of 42,000 people, scientists discovered those with the highest Mg intake had a 15 per cent lower chance of developing the condition compared with people with the lowest intake. OMg. Source: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 2025 BY THIS YEAR, FOOD GIANT NESTLÉ HAS PLEDGED TO STOP USING EGGS LAID BY CAGED HENS IN ITS PRODUCTS AROUND THE WORLD. YEW! POP QUIZ! How many of us cook so we have leftovers? A 33% B 75% C 90% ANSWER: B. Yep, three-quarters of us are all about making meals last, reveals a new Mintel survey. That’s cracking…