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Women's Health Australia September 2018

Women’s Health Australia's mission is to help Aussie women feel happier and healthier (every single day!) with the ideal mix of fitness, food, nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, fitspo fashion and beauty, plus so much more.

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the joy solution

Lasting happiness. It’s something every single one of us strives for. And recently I read a fantastic book that flipped the whole idea of happiness on its head. The premise? That it’s possible to find inner peace even in the face of some of life’s biggest challenges. As journalist, author and self-confessed ‘serial survivor’ Amy Molloy writes in her fab new release The World Is A Nice Place: How to Overcome Adversity, Joyfully, it’s all about putting a slightly different lens on the world and choosing to see even the hardest moments as a chance for growth. “In my experience, early struggles can create emotionally invincible adults who have more compassion, self-confidence, self-awareness and resilience than those ‘lucky’ people who have never been tested,” she says. In short, choose to see…

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ask women’s health

My partner and I live together but don’t have a joint bank account. Are we missing a trick? Potentially. Every couple is different, but there are clear benefits to sharing an account, says wealth coach Lisa Barber. “The primary benefit is for transparency of expenses. It gives a clear snapshot of the allocation of money in versus money out.” So, if you take turns to do the grocery shop, but you bargain-dive at Aldi while your partner splashes cash at the organic wholefoods shop, you’ll be able to easily see whose expenses are higher. The downside? “Any money left in the account can be accessed by either party, leaving vulnerability if [you] were to separate,” says Barber. One way to get around this? Have your salary go into your personal account…

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on our radar

MINDFUL RUNNING Nike’s Run Club has teamed up with meditation app Headspace to take your jog to the next level. Plug in your headphones for a guided run that coaches you on technique, motivation and staying present. FLOWER YOGA Something missing after an hour of downward dogs? Bloom College takes your standard yoga class and adds on a flower-arranging workshop. It’s Melbourne-based for now, but here’s hoping we can all mix crow pose and carnations soon. CRAYOLA BEAUTY Unlike the ones we (mis)used in preschool, these crayons, sold by ASOS, are designed to draw on your face. The packaging of Crayola’s new beauty products looks exactly like the classic crayons, but the formulation is much more skin-friendly. HEALTH “HOLIDAYS” Thinking about getting those teeth fixed or even IVF? Look abroad. New research by WorldFirst has found three-quarters…

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your yoga, decoded

If hot yoga ain’t your thing, here’s some fresh news: you can actually score the same perks without the searing temps. Compared with a 40-degree Bikram class, the same sequence in a non-heated studio offers equal benefits for your physical health (like better flexibility and circulation), reveals recent research from Texas State University. So, why does hot yoga feel more satisfying? It may be a placebo effect, with the sweat making you feel more accomplished, even if you’re not getting a better workout.…

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jog with your dog

1 DOWNPLAY THE EXCITEMENT Your pal will naturally be pumped up to run – egging them on in your puppy voice only makes them crazier. Have them sit or lie down before heading out (and mid-run, if needed) to reinforce good behaviour and prevent pulling. 2 DEVELOP AN AEROBIC FOUNDATION Just like us, dogs need a base before tackling long or fast runs. Start with two 30-minute runs a week, then add 15 minutes every few weeks, at a pace that keeps them beside you. 3 GET A GROUP TOGETHER Is your pup easily distracted or a bit aggro? Plan a run with friends and their furry ones. Dogs like being part of a pack and “it lowers their fight-or-flight response, making them less reactive”.…

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pump up that protein

Want max health gains from that shake? Enjoy it with a meal, suggest Purdue University researchers. Why? Their review of studies found this helped strength-training peeps maintain their body weight and decrease fat mass, while between-meal protein supps were associated with weight gain. The theory: you’ll probably adjust the food portion of the meal to compensate for the extra kilojoules in the drink – whereas you’ll be less likely to do that if you swig that liquid later on. Clever! 10 WISE UP TO THE BACKGROUND MUSIC IN YOUR FAVE CAFE. YOU’RE THIS PERCENTAGE MORE LIKELY TO MAKE HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES WHEN IT’S A LOW AND RELAXING SOUNDTRACK, RATHER THAN A LOUD ONE. JACK JOHNSON, COME AT US. Source: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science…