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Women's Health South Africa

June 2020

Women’s Health provides active, health-conscious women with a new and much-needed kind of magazine – one that’s as smart and funny as they are; that’s founded on diligent reporting, scientific research, and intimate, entertaining writing and that never underestimates its readers or seeks to intimidate them with false ideas about what makes women worthy of admiration. Don’t expect same-old, boring fitness advice – you’ll get short, targeted workouts that use the latest research to help you sculpt the body you’ve always wanted in record time. Pages of fresh, delicious recipes make healthy eating a treat and expert advice will empower you to take control of your health and your career. You’ll also get practical fashion and beauty tips that work for you and sex tips that guarantee satisfaction! Whether your goal is to finally rock a bikini with confidence, get ahead at work, ace your first 10-kay or get a handle on your health niggles, Women’s Health will help you get there – and make sure you enjoy the journey!

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erm, cherish the positives

Hands up who started lockdown with good intentions? Good intentions to exercise like Kayla Itsines, eat like Jess Sepel, clean like Marie Kondo and home-school like Maria Von Trapp. Yep, me too. I read somewhere recently that this spate of banana-bread making and mindful meditation is really just our minds’ way of trying to instil a sense of order and control in an otherwise crazy world. It’s our lizard brain over-riding our sense of impending panic. Disclaimer: it is highly likely that I did not read this somewhere cerebral and sensible. It was probably attached to an artfully decorated Rumi quote on my Instagram feed. But, you know what, sign me up anyway! If finding a routine in a daily yoga practice or spring-cleaning your cupboards or clanging cow bells with your…

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here’s what’s trending at wh under lockdown

HELLO, VIRTUAL ZOOM WORKOUTS Small studios – yoga and Pilates in particular – have jumped into virtual training. Book your class on the Mindbody app, receive your email confirmation with a Zoom link and Spotify playlist and you’re good to go. Welcome to a new world of wellness. ALL THE OMS FOR MEDITATION Meditation apps, like Headspace, have unlocked sleep and meditation therapy sessions for all. Check out the app and sign up to help combat anxiety. LOCAL IS LEKKER Never has the groundswell for supporting local been bigger. Whether it’s a farm produce box from UCook; treats from the neighbourhood bakery; masks from small local designers… Consumption habits are changing and we are here for it! BAKING FOR MENTAL HEALTH Hands up if you baked banana bread. The simple pleasures of cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, gardening……

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ask us anything

Superfood haircare: worth it? ANSWER Absolutely, if shinier- and smoother-looking locks are your thing. “Nut or avocado oils in conditioner create moisture on the hair shaft, making combing easier when wet, [while] other ingredients can smooth the hair’s external cuticle layer, making hair appear shinier,” explains Lisa Gilbey of the Institute of Trichologists in England. But because shampoos and conditioners aren’t well-suited to depositing ingredients into the roots of the hair, it means that superfood hair products will only deliver aesthetic benefits (read: a shiny pony) – they won’t have the power to enhance your mop from the inside out. If that sounds good, add more superfoods to your diet. “Nutrients such as zinc help to encourage healthy skin cell turnover and regulate sebum oil production,” says trichologist Anabel Kingsley. All…

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hello world...

#WHFITFLUENCER @FITMORATI Fit. Strong. Disciplined. These are the first three words that come to mind when you scroll through Morati Sethabela’s Insta feed. Her fitness journey started 10 years ago after she gave birth to her first son. “I didn’t like how I looked and I was overweight,” she says. “I decided to be active and dismiss the myth that once you give birth via C-section the damage is permanent and you can’t do anything other than surgery to get back into shape.” In 2018, Morati started lifting weights and she’s never looked back. It’s now her preferred workout – “my all-time favourite move is the dead lift” – and it’s given her a new sense of confidence and strength that she never felt doing cardio alone. Depriving herself of food is…

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wh in numbers how do you rate?

88 THE PERCENTAGE OF YOU WHO SAID YOU WOULD NEVER CONSIDER GETTING A STEROID SHOT FOR YOUR ALLERGIES – AND YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. WHILE A SHOT IS EFFECTIVE IN DEALING WITH ALLERGIES, IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE YOUR LAST OPTION BECAUSE OF ITS AGGRESSIVE NATURE. WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS? VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND SEARCH "STEROID SHOT”. TWO THIRDS That’s how many readers said they won’t be getting a flu vaccine this year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vaccine is the first and most important step everyone should be taking in protecting themselves against the flu – so it might be a good idea to consider getting the vaccine to keep yourself and your family protected. Almond vs Soya 63 PERCENT OF YOU SAID…

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thicker than water

DID YOU KNOW THAT DONATING JUST ONE UNIT OF BLOOD CAN SAVE UP TO THREE LIVES? JUNE IS RECOGNISED AS NATIONAL BLOOD DONOR MONTH (AND IT'S AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE), SO IF YOU’RE CONSIDERING VISITING A BLOOD BANK TO DO YOUR BIT OF GOOD, REMEMBER THESE TIPS: + BEFORE YOU DONATE Eat iron-rich foods , like red meat, fish, poultry, spinach and sweet potatoes. Drink plenty of liquids on the day of your donation. Wear comfortable clothes and a top with sleeves that can be rolled up to your elbow easily. Bring along a list of all the prescription and OTC medication you’re taking. +AFTER YOU’VE DONATED Drink plenty of liquids for up to six hours after you’ve donated. Stay away from tough and exhausting physical exercise with the arm used for donating for about two hours. Don’t smoke until…