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you’re a doer

My wife got me one of those wristband fitness gadgets that monitors my activity (“10,000 steps a day!”), so I’ve been out walking more, especially with the beautiful springtime weather in Iowa. Call me snoopy, but as I navigate the newish neighborhood near our house, my eyes seem to laser-lock on any open garage door, curious if I can glean a storage or organization idea, I guess. More often than not, though, I’m stunned by the absolute lack of stuff. Where are the shovels, rakes, and spreader for taking care of the lawn and garden? Where are the mechanic’s tools and floor jack for doing basic service on the car? Where are the sawhorses and DIY tools for painting, plumbing, and patching drywall? This generation of homeowners does more “hiring” than “doing.”…

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wood-wide web

WOODMAGAZINE.COM BEHIND THE SCENES There are only so many photos we can fit in the magazine. View exclusive photos of what’s happening in the shop and find sneak peeks of the projects and articles we’re working on at instagram.com/woodmagazine. BINGE WATCH More of a movie mogul? Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of our latest videos packed full of woodworking info. youtube.com/wood…

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scrap sculptures

Instead of letting my wood scraps languish in a pile for years, I turned my grandchildren loose on them. They had a ball creating sculptures using the scraps and hot-melt glue. I only helped them scrollsaw their initials. I’m hoping experiences like these will encourage them to pursue hobbies that foster their imagination—like woodworking! —Pierre Falzon, Pickering, Ont. Oak tops your list Which wood species do you use most often in your shop? WOOD® magazine never uses outside parties to solicit subscription renewals. The safest, easiest way to renew your subscription is with a credit card online atwoodmagazine.com/myaccount. If you have questions about a renewal offer you’ve received, please call our customer service line at 800-374-9663, and select option 1. We’re happy to help. Too many notches The exploded view of the Window Cabinet in issue…

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ask wood

Q Go for serious adhesion when attaching a granite top I have a granite remnant left over from a kitchen remodel, and want to use it as a top for a coffee table. My challenge: How do I attach the slab to my table assembly? I’m guessing drilling into the granite is not an option. —Neil Thackery, Allendale, Mich. A You’re correct, Neil; drilling into granite requires special tools and expertise, and could fracture the slab if done wrong. We checked with several cabinet and countertop installers, and they all suggested using an adhesive. So we asked experts from Franklin International (makers of Titebond adhesives), DAP, and Liquid Nails. They all agree that the best choice would be a polyurethane construction adhesive, such as: Titebond GREENchoice Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive, DAP SmartBond Heavy-Duty…

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shop tips

TOP SHOP TIP Slick sliding support reaches far, breaks down small In my small shop, fixed supports on both sides of the mitersaw would have taken up more space than I have available. Instead, I devised this slide-out support system to fit my mitersaw stand. The support blocks drop into the arms via dowels, making it possible to quickly disassemble the support or move it from one side to the other with just a push. —Pete Burke, Torrance, Calif. Tips earn up to $150. If your tip is the best of the issue, it wins Top Shop Tip honors, and you receive a tool prize worth at least $300. Send your tip, photos or drawings, and contact info to shoptips@woodmagazine.com Because we try to publish original tips, please send yours only to WOOD® magazine. For sending this issue’s…

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just shut up!

We teach our kids that saying “shut up” is inappropriate. But, for woodworkers, that phrase is an important admonishment to yourself. The next time you hand a woodworking gift to someone and they offer sincere thanks, I suggest saying, “You’re welcome.” And then shut up. Admit it: Most of the time this is when you offer disclaimers such as, “No big deal.” Or “Not bad for the first time I tried cutting dovetails.” Or “The finish would have looked a little deeper had I used oil.” Maybe the recipient said that this masterpiece must have taken you forever. And you counter with: “No, it was actually really easy. I had some scrap that I wanted to use up, and this seemed like a good project for it.” Shut up! Friends and family know how…