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Feb Mar 2020

World Travel Magazine is the luxury travel & lifestyle magazine based in the heart of Singapore since 2013. Through our print and digital medium published globally from Singapore, we cover all things essential in any travel connoisseur’s bucket list while maintaining luxury, our signature distinction. From the latest in gorgeous properties to sizzling locations, tips and trends, we have you covered. World Travel Magazine is dedicated to present the best of luxury travel experiences to affluent readers, bringing travel dreams into focus. A trusted name, we travel to dream destinations where we experience the culture hands-on and bring our recommendations covering tastemakers, trendsetters, and the latest-and-greatest to our readers.

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editor’s note

As we head to print, on the cusp of celebrating the Lunar New Year in South East Asia, we find the world reeling from one major incident to another. The last few weeks have witnessed massive fires in Australia that have transformed entire forested coastlines into charred sticks of charcoal. While politicians across the globe slowly recalibrate their stance on global warming after this event, it is essential that we all play our part, big or small, in cooling the climate without waiting for international government organisations who are still locked in the ‘deliberating’ mode. Be it a household, a neighbourhood, a suburb or a state; let’s get down to the basics – it is high time we all started planting some trees. Aggressively. Every inch of land, every balcony…

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SANJAY SURANA An Astonishing Taste of the Tropics Pg 66 A freelance writer based in Singapore and former editor at Condé Nast Traveler (US), Surana has also written for Afar, the Financial Times, New York Times, South China Morning Post, and Wall Street Journal. I’d love to go back to Flores, in Indonesia, for its grand, almost Jurassic topography, amazing coastline, and Kelimuto volcanic lakes, which were shrouded in mist when I visited. I need to return to see them! DANNI LANDA Ibiza: Off the beaten dance floor Pg 76 Danni Landa is a freelance writer based in Ibiza. She travels, she eats, she writes. Having got a taste for surfing in Portugal last summer I’m keen to discover the island of Kyushu in Japan. It ticks a lot of my boxes - a beginners wave, Japanese food and…

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what’s new santorini?

Santorini’s season begins early and this year is expected to be an exciting one! In just a few days time, the whitewashed houses perched on the imposing cliffs of the Santorinian caldera will be sparkling with a fresh coat of paint, restaurants will be setting their tables, wineries will be polishing their glasses eager to share the tastes of the volcanic terroir and everyone will be on their heels to welcome the new season. Hotel & Restaurant Boom! New accommodations are always foreseen, but this year in particular, some intriguing openings are expected and a lot of last year’s additions to the hotel and resort scene will be establishing their presence in Santorini. Along the hotel openings new restaurants are launched, as many of the hotels include enticing gastronomic ventures to their…

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what’s hot in the maldives

Winter spreads its cloaks all over the west, but in the middle of the Indian Ocean, summer thrives like it was never gone. The Maldivian atolls revel in the sweet kiss of the north-easterly wind a dry season stretches from November till May. There’s less humidity, but the region retains its natural candour, thanks to a host of resorts constantly indulging lovers of the sea all throughout the year. In Gaafu Alifu, Raffles Maldives Meradhoo celebrates tranquillity and healing in its overwater Raffles Spa. This sanctuary appears to float over the blue pool, like a lotus on a pond, affording magnificent views of the ocean during the enriching treatments. The spa uses products from Biologique Recherche, Aromatherapy Associates and Margaret Dabbs London for its body, skin and hair treatments. For getting…

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just beyond bali, paradise awaits

Looking for an island escape but feel that Bali is not your thing anymore? Well, no problem, Indonesia, has over 17,000 islands, on sixty archipelagos in seas so azure, so unbelievably vibrant they are almost too beautiful to look at. Let’s explore just a few of them. Nusa Lembongan One of the closest islands to Bali’s shores, this little gem is only a 40 - minute boat ride away. Aquamarine waters, fringed by pristine white sands and lush green mangrove forests, Nusa Lembongan has a lot to love. Over the last five years or so tourism has replaced seaweed farming as the main source of income and now the beaches are festooned with restaurants and boutique hotels to rival the best that Bali has to offer. Its coral reefs beg to…

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paradise islands of the cambodian riviera

Islands with rugged coastlines, pearly bays and thick primitive jungle meet luxury villas, transformative spas and inspirational environmental and social initiatives. This is ‘The Cambodian Riviera’, the new destination for escapes to luxurious private island resorts off the Sihanouk Coast. Foresighted owners Rory and Melita Hunter were the first to fall for the Koh Rong archipelago, creating eco-luxury, doubleisland escape Song Saa; 24 stunning villas with thoughtful healing experiences and pioneering CSR. A 45-minute speedboat trip and guests alight on Koh Ouen island, where sandy paths lead between the soaringroofed villas, mini beach, romantic pool and overwater and Ibiza-beachy restaurants. A gently curving bridge takes guests to the undeveloped second island, Koh Bong, for forest walks and boulder meditations. Locals lead trips kayaking mangroves, priests chant blessings, night swimming sparkles with…