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Yachting June 2021

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offshore adventure

MY NONFISHING FRIENDS CAN’T SEE THE POINT of running 100-plus miles to a seemingly random spot, then spending all day crisscrossing the abyss at idle speed, waiting for something to happen. They think about me staring out the back of the boat at cobalt water that stretches to infinity, and they ask: “How do you do that? It sounds so boring.” ¶ To me, trolling across the deep is the most sublime, relaxing thing in the world. At the same time, it’s unpredictable and can be explosively exciting. ¶ Case in point: A couple of summers back, our crew ran my buddy’s Viking 50 Open to one of those random spots. The blue sky met the blue water over the horizon. It was calm, quiet and scorching hot—even by mid-August…

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this just in

26'2” LENGTH OVERALL 8'2" MAXIMUM BEAM Sweden-based X Shore recently introduced its Eelex 8000, an all-electric dayboat built with sustainable materials. Power for the Eelex 8000 is a 225-kilowatt electric motor and a 120 kWh battery. The builder reports that the boat cruises around 21.7 knots and tops out at about 35 knots. Range at cruise speed is about 40 miles. The measurable torque provided by the vessel’s powerplant setup helps get the boat from zero to 17.4 knots in 4.2 seconds. Standard recharge time is around six hours. The builder offers 15 layout options and three color choices for the hull. The helm has room for a 24-inch multifunction display. Build materials include cork, reused plastic, recycled bottles and flax. READER FEEDBACK Looking for photos and yacht news? Get social with Yachting: visit…

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deep thinking

The idea for the deepest-diving acrylic submersible in the world—able to descend more than 13,000 feet—started with thickness. ¶ “Acrylic, up until a few years ago, had been really restricted in how thick you could make it,” says John Ramsay, principal design engineer at Triton Submarines. The difference between the Triton 3300/3 (able to take three people to about 3,300 feet) that launched a decade ago and the new 13000/2 Titanic Explorer is acrylic about three times thicker. “We discovered that we could go much deeper with the new technology.” ¶ Being able to go deeper meant thinking about new features. The traditional Triton design has pontoons on each side of the sphere. They’re great for surface buoyancy, but they create resistance that’s problematic when descending or ascending from deeper…

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fun in the sun

42' LENGTH OVERALL 13' MAXIMUM BEAM The cruisers 42 GLS is 45 knots of on-the-water fun. I write this with confidence because that’s the top speed the 42 GLS I got aboard hit during speed runs off South Florida. The boat was powered with optional triple 400 hp Mercury Verado outboards, slightly larger than the standard triple 350 hp Verados but smaller than the largest triple 450 hp Verado option. It’s a great setup for wakeboarding or towing the kids in tubes. I ran the express cruiser across a lumpy Gulf Stream with lots of potholes to challenge its deep-V hull form with 21-degree transom deadrise, and my ride never saw spray on the windshield. ¶ In addition to being a solid performer, the 42 GLS serves as an at-sea party platform. The…

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The williams Jet Tenders team penned the DieselJet 415 as a can-do tender that can ferry up to six passengers. The RIB’s 110 hp Yanmar 4JH diesel engine works in concert with a jet pump to deliver top speeds of almost 35 knots. It comes standard with about 24 gallons of fuel capacity. All DieselJet 415s are hand-built and sea-trialed, and they have contemporary-styled dashboards with center-fitted 7-inch Raymarine Axiom multifunction displays that are flanked by on-dash stowage cuddies. The RIB is designed for portside boarding and includes an on-tube step pad and a boarding pole—the latter of which can be stowed in a recess under the bow cushion. Owners can choose from a lengthy options menu, including an upgraded nav system (a 9-inch Axiom MFD with AIS and VHF…

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movable art

Here is something that even the most die-hard Guy Harvey fans may not know about him: He’s a dog guy. ¶ Indeed, the man whose name and illustrations have become synonymous with fishing and ocean conservation is also a fan of canines, which perhaps made it inevitable that he would lend his artwork to a line of pet beds. ¶ “Personally, we are a huge dog-loving family, so we cannot wait for our dogs to get comfortable in one of these beds,” Harvey says. ¶ The new pet beds are available in multiple designs, with each design offered in small/medium ($119) and large/extra-large ($139) sizes. The artwork is imprinted using 100 percent biodegradable water-based ink, and recycled materials are used to create the fabric as well as the filling. “We…