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December 2018 - January 2019

Yoga Journal Singapore is the first English-language Asia edition of Yoga Journal, the world's best selling media brand for yoga that has been around for more than 40 years. The magazine covers yoga poses, anatomy, meditation, ancient wisdom and features on health and spiritual well-being. It carries profiles of people in Singapore who endorse yoga and its benefits and also alerts readers to events and workshops in the country.

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editor’s letter

Dear Reader, So much happens over a year—birthdays, celebrations, holidays, work schedules, school routines, exams, visitors, medical hiccups, fitness plans, diet flops, good news, bad news—and poof, before you know, the year comes to an end. During the holiday season, you start all over with resolutions and plans for the next year, and the whole cycle begins again. We also find ourselves pondering over what was done and what could have been done differently in the year that passed by. So immersed are we in routine chores and daily duties that we regret the loss of a whole year, one that had been kicked off with promises and plans. How can you change this vicious cycle? How about starting small by promising just one thing to yourself? It could be anything--from signing up for…

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live well

Live well in the New Year by paying attention to what makes you happy. As mentioned by our editor in her letter (Page 8), think of just one thing that you always wanted to do—travel to a dream destination, take up a new yoga course, start a new job—just about any one thing that you know will make you happier. Go for it. No matter what, let that just one thing be your topic of achievement for the new year. If you are happy, the world around you fills up with happiness too. ART DIRECTION: ANUJA BAGADE, PHOTOGRAPHER: ANAND KRISHNAMOORTHY…

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taking my breath from equator to north pole

Ever since I turned 50 not too long ago, I have nurtured a desire to hike to the Everest Base Camp (EBC). So, when two of my friends floated the idea of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro a few months ago, I took it as a precursor to my EBC dream and quickly agreed. Before we knew, we had gathered nine enthusiastic people–from the ages 16 to 61–with a passion to climb the highest peak in Africa. The youngest trekker, my daughter Saanya, dedicated her adventure to help raise funds for an education cause called Room To Read that provides books and libraries to children in remote areas of developing nations. Meanwhile, the rest of us got busy buying all the necessary gear (around 50 items!) for the trip, and preparing our…

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the gift guide

Looking for a little wellness-in-a-box? Read on to discover 4 of our favorite yoga-themed subscription gift box services, perfect for grads, yogi dads, or a little shameless self-gifting. That ah-ma-zing Thai Yoga massage. The smell of a lavender field. Zen moments like these don’t have to be something you only wish you could box up and take home with you. The subscription gift box trend has made its way into the yoga marketplace, meaning you can order a package of wellness-in-a-box by the month or longer. Read on to discover 4 of our favorite yoga-themed subscription gift box services, perfect for grads, yogi dads, your BFF’s birthday, or a little shameless self-gifting. Yogi Surprise Every Yogi Surprise box is curated with a theme, says Karine Wascher, merchandise manager for the brand, which launched…

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bucket list

While starting your yoga travels in India makes sense, you don’t necessary have to fly there to find authenticity. Here, 10 spots with real-deal links to the Eight Limbs for your bucket list. Yoga retreats are great, but even the most extraordinary practice in Costa Rica simply can’t compare in depth to practicing along the sacred Ganges River in Rishikesh. There is something unmistakably unique about the experience of traveling to a destination where the yogic tradition’s roots run deep. While starting your yoga travels in India makes sense, you don’t necessary have to fly only to yoga’s birthplace to find authenticity. Destinations closer to home like New York City and the wild Rocky Mountains also have real-deal links to the eight limbs. Here, 10 spots for your yoga travel bucket…

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embodying the yoga sutra

The State of Nirodha (yoga) is attained through the process of combining your practice with non-attachment. (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.12) Abhyasa: Practice Vairagya: Non-attachment Bhyam: Combined Tat: (from the process) through which Nirodha: Mastery over the mind Explained by Subba Vaidyanathan For an experienced person, a state of mastery of the mind (nirodha, samadhi, yoga) may be attained by a process that combines practice with detachment. A yogic practice is one that stills the body and mind, and is done over an extended period of time without interruption, and with an attitude of sincerity. This is combined with a sense of non-attachment or lack of desire towards objects and experiences of the past, leading to a mind that becomes truly free. Such a process is necessary to overcome the many layers of impressions that have accumulated in the mind over…