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March 2019

Need a quick and easy recipe? What about a creative craft idea for a homemade gift? Or some practical advice on everything from parenting to health, family matters and food? Your Family is the all-in-one magazine for busy, working moms. Expect tried-and-tested easy suppers, the best advice on family health and wellbeing; not to mention expert tips on organising her home and saving money. Your Family – it’s about simplifying and balancing her day, so she can celebrate the best of family life.

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oh hello!

March is usually one of my favourite months. I started off the year, as I do every year, making better diet choices, trying to exercise regularly and focusing very hard on keeping life balanced. This year has started with a clean slate, and my decision to be more conscious of the stressors I allow to affect my day is bearing fruit. I feel positive, rejuvenated and energised.So, imagine my surprise at finding myself lying on my bed last week, staring numbly at the ceiling, a million tasks clamouring for top spot on my to-do list, and all I could think was: ‘I. Am. Completely. Overwhelmed!’ and ‘I’m never going to cope with this year!’ And then, ‘Is it too soon to be needing another holiday?’ “Rest and…

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the swing of things

Best audio books and podcasts to listen to in 2019 What better way to pass time in the car (or the queue at Home Affairs!) than learning about new research and conversations that can improve your life? Margie summer ’s picks Our food editor shares her favourite summer recipes from the internet – and yes, there’s a cheese board in there! 21 THOUGHTS EVERY MOM HAS DURING SCHOOL DROP-OFFLike, ‘Why is that mom carrying trays of cupcakes in special cupcake holders!?’ MAGIC CUSTARD CAKEThis magic custard cake is made with one batter that magically separates into custard and sponge layers during baking (you can thank us later). SHOP OUR COOKBOOK!Make weeknight cooking a sprint instead of a slog with the Your Family cookbook, with recipes for…

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get in touch

This month’s star letter will receive an Almost Zero wine hamper worth R2 000Finally, an alcohol option that’s healthier than grape juice! Van Loveren’s Almost Zero has been flying off the shelves since its launch in November 2018. Made from a dry Sauvignon blanc, it combines old-fashioned winemaking techniques with modern alcohol-removal technology – leaving you with a crisp drink with less than 0.5% alcohol per serving that’s also Banting friendly. With the high sugar levels of grape juice, this healthier option is lower in sugar and only has 71kJ/100ml. Almost Zero presents notes of apple, litchi and citrus, and complements summer seafood and salads. ‘I’M BACK IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT’I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Your Family team for the amazing content shared…

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star letter

Tammy Godsall’s story in When life gives you lemons (September 2018) is inspirational. Life can throw some serious curveballs; you get hurt and left wounded and scarred by people you loved with every fibre of your being, and thought you’d spend the rest of your life with, and it can be hard to look at them the same way again. But grudges can be heavy burdens. We have to remove all the destructive thoughts and emotions from our systems, because they will ultimately contribute to our misery. Tammy, who got divorced after being married for only three weeks, said she learned life is what you make it and there’s always something positive to take out of a negative experience. The only way to heal and move on is by…

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reader of the month

Adelaide Sammering, 31, lives in Centurion with her husband and their two boys, aged 6 and 9. ADELAIDE’S FAVOURITE: …BOOK Tapping the Power Within by Iyanla Vanzant. …MOVIE The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise. …RECIPE Definitely my spaghetti Bolognese recipe – the boys love it! …GUILTY PLEASURE I literally can’t go a day without biltong; it's definitely my guilty pleasure food. …WAY TO DE-STRESS I do yoga. I love how it just takes all my stress away. WHAT’S GUARANTEED TO GET YOU IN A GOOD MOOD? Going to the gym definitely gets me in a good mood, along with some energetic music. FAMILY TIME IS SPENT playing fingerboard games together.IN HER FRIDGE, SHE’S NEVER WITHOUT yoghurt; it’s such a wonderfully healthy but tasty snack for everyone in the house…

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BLACK OUTBlack has had a reputation for being dark and depressing in the past, but these days at least one black piece in each room is a must – it adds style and drama, and provides an anchoring effect that pulls any look together. REBEL YELLOWBring sunshine into your home! Yellow is without a doubt the happiest colour, which may be why it’s trending in a big way this year. GO GREENFrom emerald to teal, green tones remain on-trend for every room. Associated with health and nature, a touch of green adds a calming element to your decor. GREY AREAGrey has had a bad rap as being boring and an ‘in-between’ colour, but it has pulled ahead of the pack to become one of the warmest, trendiest colours…