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Issue 481

Your Horse inspires its readers to enjoy every second in the saddle. Written by a team of passionate equestrian experts, Your Horse magazine helps you improve your riding, care for your horses and stay up to date on the latest gear. We also encourage you to try new and exciting adventures! Our three main areas of content are: Riding advice: From the best riders and trainers in the world Horse care advice: Expert tips and advice on all aspects of horse care Buying Advice: Helping you spend your money with confidence Your Horse magazine: share our passion for horses.

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United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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WHEN YOU THINK back to the pony books you read as a child, what do you remember about them? I loved the Jinny and The Saddle Club series, and my long-lasting memories are the bonds each character had with their horse. Each told the story of how they developed this bond, worked through setbacks, and how much love the rider felt for their horse. It was something I dreamed of experiencing myself. Bonding is such a big part of horse ownership, and it’s a key theme in this issue with a particular focus on groundwork. Spending time and working with your horse out of the saddle is the basis of every good partnership. Whether that’s grooming, time spent around them while doing yard chores — or just sitting talking to them…

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a word from the team...

Freelance gear editor Allison Lowther: I found it fascinating learning how Olympic dressage rider Richard Davison trains his horses. This feature has made me look at the way I ride and train my own horse on the flat. It’s a real eye opener and a must-read. Page 52 Freelance horse care editor Stephanie Bateman: We ask a lot of our horse’s backs, so ensuring they are in good health is vital. Find out what you can do to keep your horse’s back in tip-top shape on page 74. Equine Zoopharmacognasist Caroline Ingraham: The ability to self-medicate is hard-wired into all animals. Many horses are kept in pastures void of medicinal herbs, but there are ways we can allow them to select freely. Page 78 Olympic event rider Andrew Hoy: Spending time working your horse in-hand has big…

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horse talk

VET SAFETY Vet who suffered a brain injury backs campaign for all vets to wear safety hats An equine vet is backing a campaign for all vets to wear safety helmets while handling equines after suffering a serious head injury while examining a horse. Charlie Tomlinson, a clinical director at Hale Vets in Wiltshire, says she is “lucky to be alive” after the freak accident while nerve-blocking a horse’s front leg. The normally quiet and well-behaved gelding flung his front legs forward — behaviour which is totally out of character for this particular horse — and threw Charlie headfirst into a stable wall. The vet, who wasn’t wearing a hat, suffered a diffuse axonal injury and a brain injury. She was taken, unconscious, to Royal United Hospital in Bath and was unable to work for…

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this month we love…

RHINO GETS NEW FLY MASK A white rhino has found relief from severe eye allergies after being given specially-adapted fly masks from Horseware. Princess, who lives at Utah’s Hogle Zoo in the USA, wears the mask from breakfast until nightfall. “We’ve gone from seeing discharge, redness, itching and even bleeding around her eyes, to no symptoms at all now that she wears the mask,” said the zoo’s rhino manager Lauren LeCoque. Watch a video of Rhino in her mask at yourhorse.co.uk/news KEYWORKER WINS TRAILER A £1 raffle ticket won a Cheval Liberte trailer for Asda keyworker Susan Campbell. The trailer, plus a year’s insurance — worth £6,644 in all — was the top prize in Harry Hall’s raffle. It raised more than £9,000 for Harry Hall’s charity partners: The Horse Trust, Brooke and the RDA. Read…

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exploring in-hand

WHEN IT COMES to working in-hand, there are many ways you can do it: lungeing, long- reining, or even at liberty. But sometimes it can be nice to venture out of the arena — and you don’t have to saddle up to do so. Our #Hack1000Miles challengers enjoy hacking out, including in-hand. Not only can it build your partnership, but it can help you both find more trust in each other when coming across anything ‘scary’. Introducing your horse to new or spooky obstacles on the ground can build their confidence for when you get on board. Kat Stark found this to be true when her horse became braver around livestock after taking him out in-hand. “Last year he was terrified of cows, but now he walks past them when we ride…

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our #hack1000miles challengers have been busy this month…

Karen Brown takes Clover for a walk Lucy Tribe and her pony like exploring the woods Olivia Taylor’s mum leads her two mares on an in-hand hack Beckii Cocking has fond hacking memories of Bertie, whom she recently lost after a freak accident in his field Sarah Blundell leads her youngster while her kids ride their ponies In-hand hacks help Caitlin Kretzschmar’s confidence Lucy Lessimore and Champ go out in hand Louise Warne’s pony enjoys long hacks out in-hand Claire Alldritt ready for her 200-mile trek across Scotland with Yogi and Swift Jane Hoare and Dan go out in hand during hot weather…