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Your Pregnancy

Your Pregnancy

August - September 2021

Your Pregnancy is the only local magazine that offers relevant, credible and accurate information on all aspects of pregnancy. Its local and international experts answer all questions quickly and respectfully. The magazine acknowledges pregnant women’s need to look and feel good. They are concerned about their baby’s health and wellness, but also care about their own. The magazine provides all the info that’s needed, as well as the latest fashion and beauty trends, health issues and exercises. It covers all aspects of pregnancy. The team loves what it does – and it shows.

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South Africa
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of fear and fortune

Q I grew up in a house where my father’s fortunes changed from year to year. One year we’d be rich, and the next poor. This has left me with psychological issues about money; that it is somehow magical and uncontrollable, and I also suffer from a huge need to feel financially secure, which on paper I am, but in my heart I don’t feel. How can I break the cycle and raise my own children to have a healthy attitude towards money, as I don’t even know what that looks like. I’m not looking for finance tips… more the emotional stuff. A MADELEIN ANSWERS: Our beliefs around money – both conscious and unconscious – are mostly formed by what we learn, experience and observe as we grow up. Children are…

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hurdles overcome

“I’ve had diabetes for about 13 years, and I see my diabetic educator every three months to ensure that I have it under control. In November last year, Chadd and I were delighted when our doctor agreed we could start trying to conceive. We thought that falling pregnant would be a complicated part of our story, but it happened on our first try!” Lauren says. Lauren admits that revealing the good news to Chadd wasn’t like the YouTube videos you see. “It was the 7th of February. I woke up in the middle of the night, took a home pregnancy test, and seeing it was positive, I woke Chadd up and told him.” A week later the gynae confirmed the news – Lauren was four weeks pregnant. “This was such a shock to us,…

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sms & win!

SMS YPB140SF THREE SUPREME FERTILITY DIETARY & LIFESTYLE RISK ASSESSMENT AND CONSULTATIONS WORTH R1 995 EACH Epigenetic changes can affect the quality of both egg and sperm and result in miscarriages, birth defects, low sperm count and infertility. Stand a chance to win a R1 995 dietary and lifestyle risk assessment and consultation in preparation of your healthy baby, as well as a Supreme Wellness Fertility pack valued at R1 000. A healthcare practitioner will assess your diet, lifestyle, medication and supplements and identify potential risks to address before you start your family. The pack includes Supreme Wellness Folate which contains active folate and myo-inositol, a 5-in-1 multivitamin and an advanced amino acid and antioxidant pack to help support male and female reproductive health. Recommended for anyone planning a family, those with…

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more fun with numbers

1 Simple form boards or jigsaw puzzles give the experience of different shapes fitting together. 2 Matching socks or other objects can teach your child the notion of one-to-one correspondence. 3 Sorting is central to maths. Sort and match as you tidy toys away, return cups to saucers, pack spoons and safe cutlery in the correct places, and help sort out the washing. Your clothes, baby’s clothes, dad’s clothes, or shirts and trousers. 4 Learning to cook can provide an early introduction to both maths and science, as your child will begin to understand weights and measurements, the effects of beating ingredients, mixing solids and liquids and heating mixtures.…

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15 ways to celebrate spring

“TODDLERS THRIVE ON MESSY PLAY. THE DIRTIER YOUR CHILD IS, THE MORE LEARNING HE HAS HAD THAT DAY.” 1 BE SUN & SHADE SAVVY The best way to avoid heat stress or heatstroke in babies and toddlers, according to Dr Peter Vincent, medical adviser to Netcare travel clinics, is to keep little bodies and especially heads covered when exposed to the sun. Dr Irshad Mohummed Essack, a dermatologist, adds that it’s best to keep out of direct sunlight and move indoors or into shade between 10am and 2pm. “Or follow the shadow rule,” he says. When your shadow is shorter than you, it is time to seek shade. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your child is fully protected in the shade. It does provide some relief, but Dr Essack explains that UV radiation…

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like an ellie

Your child’s memory is something that develops gradually over time. Certain things need to be remembered for a short period of time, like that Mommy asked me to fetch the red face cloth. Other things need to be remembered for a long time, for instance that ”a” is for apple. Both types of memory are important building blocks for learning. From birth, your child’s brain is developing strategies that will help him recall information and remember things. You can help this process along in a very practical way. Here goes: FACT FL ASH According to a study done by the University of Virginia in the USA, memory is sharpest at the age of 22. From age 37, our ability to memorise begins to decline. 1 Play card games that are aimed at memory development, like…