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Zigzag March 2019

Zigzag is one of South Africa's oldest niche titles, and the fifth longest running surf magazine in the world. For more than three decades we've been delivering surf journalism of the highest quality, stunning surf imagery and world class magazine production values.

South Africa
Jingo Ink CC
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8 Issues


3 min.
editor’s note

As far as surfing goes, I’ve been lucky. I’ve only ever really been ripped off. Mostly valuables I’ve left in cars while floating out in the ocean. Deserted car parks are easy pickings. Petty criminals know this and feed off the surf community. Surfers normally travel with at least a wallet and a cellphone. Sometimes they score the jackpot and catch you on your way back from work, desperate for a wave and taking a chance, leaving your laptop or a travel bag in the car. Over the years, I’ve been ripped off like this several times over. Long Beach, Witsands, the Factory, 365, Slangkop, Noordhoek, Cape Point, Sandy Bay, Sea Point, Hout Bay, Seals, Kowie, Kite Beach, Bike ’n Bean, Widenham and most recently Westbrook. That’s quite a list.…

3 min.
going postal

DROP THE ZAG A LINE ON LETTERS@ZIGZAG.C0.ZA AND BE HEARD SHOW ‘DEM! To my shame I must admit, that having been a long loyal reader and surfer, I have been more heavily involved with another lover – my MTB. But recently your newly packaged Zag caught my eye and I HAD to buy it. Ditching the plastic is awesome and the content, superb. So, in short, I’m back. Back with an appeal to all other readers to take things a step further and ditch as much plastic in your life as possible! You don’t need a straw (you’ve got a mouth and lips), go shopping with your own bag, and take your own tupperware to PnP (the cashiers might laugh, but that’s okay). It makes a difference. So please, lead by example and…

1 min.
a ballie’s gift

To my son, Hunter Joseph. Happy 5th birthday. In front of you is a surfboard to surf the waves inside of you. To surf the universe of your heart. Your truth, like the ocean, might get scary and complicated, but it’s better to get in than watch from the shore. Paddle into every wave. You might pick the wrong one and fall but you will never lose. You will win or you will learn. I will always be with you no matter which ocean you’re in. Let the water surround you, the waves carry you, and love guide you. You will grow to be a lion of a man who might, 99 times out of 100, get smashed against the rocks. But one of those times will change the world. The light in me…

1 min.
points of difference

Light and dark. Whipping your fins out the back or feeling the full effects of gravity on the drop. Surfing, like life, gives you ample opportunities to feel both sides of these elemental forces. The rise and fall. The speed and release. The key is to enjoy the highs and ride out the lows with as little residue and impact as possible. Tide-Lee Ireland hooks effortlessly through an S-turn in Surf City. Life is a dream, indeed. Flip the page for a different perspective. In comparison, look at Dale Staples navigating this cylindrical submarine parking lot of cold green concrete. Fast and hard. The future is coming, either spanked on the sand bank or spat onto the shoulder.…

2 min.
personal baggage

Unpacking with Dan Thornton Raised by the sweeping right-handers of Supertubes, J-Bay born Dan Thornton has adrenaline in his blood. From private security to the Marines, his profession has thrown him onto oil rigs in the Middle-East and the frontlines of Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland. Today, he runs his own cyber-security company, has a family, and a weak spot for hard hobbies. From liquid caves, to the boxing ring and the Jiu Jitsu mat – these are Dan’s weapons in times of peace: 1. Firewire Pyzel Next Step FST Surfboard. 6’3 x 19 ¼ x 2 ½ - 30.1L. A great step up option for big winter swells at Supers and big Indo barrels. 2. Hayabusa 16oz Boxing Gloves. 3. Cabrinha Custom Kiteboard 133cm. For summer days getting under the kite, this board is great for…

3 min.
is surfing a crime against nature?

As surfers today, we sit on the frontlines of ocean awareness. But the truth is, our love and advocacy for the ocean is laced with hypocrisy. Surfing could actually be considered a crime against the environment! The essential elements of our lifestyle (surfboards, wax, sunblock, travel) have a nasty impact on the natural world. That’s right, the proverbial conundrum of modern living has us by the leash too. So, are surfers just environmentally-friendly fakers, or can we justify our place in the lineup? Let’s take a look at the everyday surfer, like you and me. We might buy a new board every few years, we spend our holidays road-tripping, we snap a few leashes here and there, and are stoked when we get wax for Christmas. Well, according to a study carried…