Zigzag April - May 2019

Zigzag is one of South Africa's oldest niche titles, and the fifth longest running surf magazine in the world. For more than three decades we've been delivering surf journalism of the highest quality, stunning surf imagery and world class magazine production values.

South Africa
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editor’s note

He had ugly tattoos. His right arm was decorated steampunk to make out like he was some kind of cyborg, the left generic yakuza cheese, all koi fish and dragons. He was a big guy, freckled and pink in splotches, letting it slide around the gut. His most notable feature was probably the peroxide blonde mohawk. The boat puttered around a headland towards a bump in the reef that we’d be surfing that morning. It was hot, the waves not very big. Nothing to do but make conversation, so I struck it up. “Just call me Bitchdog,” he said by way of introduction. His voice an octave or two higher than I was expecting. “No man?!” I said. “Yeah man!” He replied. “Everyone does. It’s cool. My real name’s Todd.…

4 min.
going postal

A WORD FROM PAUL NAUDÉ Hey there, I’m really stoked to see that the mag is still going. I often say in interviews that it’s one of the things in my long surf industry career that I’m most proud of. So thanks for continuing the struggle. Print media is tough these days but I think we’re starting to see a bit of renewed interest in the medium, so hang in there. Back in 1976 we started the mag simply to get news and images of SA surfing out there. The vision of course was to grow the ad revenue and thus be able to produce more substantial content and see the mag become more popular. It was a real grind for many years. Doug Macdonald and I worked on it at night…

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first shred is the sweetest

Last week our daughter, Emma, 7, got a call to see if she would be willing to be the 5th team member of her school’s surf team. As a family of ocean lovers and wave-chasers, she has been immersed in the big blue since birth, but it really has been in her own time and at her own pace that she decided to get onto a surfboard. So we left the decision to her. She bravely agreed and on Sunday surfed her first little contest as the youngest surfer and only girl in their team. As her mum and fellow surfer and lover of the ocean - my highlight was her courage, and determination to go out there and catch two waves! As well as the MASSIVE smile on her face…

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points of difference

Celebrated and incentivised, Adin Masencamp is one of the hardest working pro surfers around. Hungry for work, he understands that every published shot monetizes his ride, which in turn, gets him to QS events that count, and a step closer to the big leagues. It’s hard to stay out of the limelight when you’re throwing turns like this. Flip the page for a different perspective. Unsung and undiscovered. Derek Horlock, 2017 Striped Horse Challenge winner, cashing in on his first prize trip to Hawaii with this thundering Backdoor barrel. An unsponsored school teacher from the South Coast, announcing himself on the biggest stage in world surfing. Talk about making the most of your opportunities and getting just rewards. Then again, humility deserves high praise.…

2 min.
personal baggage

Unpacking with Tanika Hoffman Successful comp surfer, influencer, jet setter, Tanika Hoffman, is constantly on the hustle. Traveling has become as much a part of her lifestyle as surfing. Through the years she has refined her packing game to an art form. These are the essentials that accompany her on every trip. So what exactly does the smooth goofy-footer take on her travels? 1. Boards Can’t leave home without my boards. I usually travel with anything from 2-4 sometimes 6 boards depending on where I’m going and what conditions I’m expecting. Always good to travel with a little quiver. 2. Yoga Mat Like my trainers, helps me stay active when I’m on the go, especially in wintery weather where it might be too cold out. 3. Teddy Bear Mr. Penguinsworth or PW for short. He’s a little…

4 min.
yvon chouinard

“I’ve been a businessman for almost 50 years. It’s as difficult for me to say those words as it is for someone to admit to being an alcoholic or a lawyer.” That right there ladies and gentlemen, is the very beginning of Yvon Chouinard’s biography, Let My People Go Surfing. The founder of the outdoor apparel brand Patagonia, a business that has consistently challenged the status quo and pulled a whole sector closer to sustainability. For the past 46 years, Chouinard has channeled his maverick personality through Patagonia and created a business at the forefront of sustainable supply chains, environmental activism, and advocacy for public lands and the great outdoors. Their mission statement has long been to produce the best product they can, cause minimal to zero unnecessary harm and inspire…