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Issue 127

Since the 1970s, is the professional magazine of reference for collectors, photographers, agencies, galleries, photography lovers, and it also makes beautiful reading. Today each issue offers a special theme, as Collecting&Pricing Photography (vol. 1-2-3), Portrait, Documentary, Art of Sport, Women&Men at Work, New Talent, Landscape, Black&White, Animals and Humans, and many more are on progress. The skilled editorial staff expert mission is to present large format photographs of the best photographers from all over the world, from great masters and established authors to the new and young talent, introduce the international galleries, art fairs, auctions houses, and inform about prices of the prints.

Rodolfo Namias Editore
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zoom magazine

“[We] come from nature.…There is an importance to [having] a certain reverence for what nature is because we are connected to it… If we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves.” – Edward BurtynskyThere are lots of landscape photographers who prefer an elevated perspective or a vision from high above and whom we have interviewed in the past Zoom magazines: Edward Burtynsky, Massimo Vitali, Michael Najjar and Andreas Gursky, to name just a few. Their high-altitude viewpoints are extremely successful among spectators - who invariably are taken aback in amazement – but also among collectors, who are willing to invest plenty of money to enjoy their majestic prints. Consequently we have decided to focus on this peculiar point of view and dedicate this very special issue to great artists capable of blending…

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jeffrey milstein

USAjeffreymilstein.comNaardenThe great passion of Jeffrey Milstein for flying is mirrored in his first portfolio of photographs included in the photo-book Aircraft the Jet is Art published in 2007, an acclaimed series of images which soon made him earn visibility on the international art scene. He exhibited his first solo show at Ulrich Museum of Art, in Wichita Kansas. Photographer, architect and artist, Jeffrey Milstein captures from above breath-taking photographs thanks to an innate creativity, a trained architectural visual skill as well as a top quality photographic technique. In fact, his symmetry is of an incredible exactitude and it reaches amazing results because it is combined with colour rendering and sharpness. Milstein’s photos have been published on Men’s Vogue, TIME Magazine, European Photography, American Photo, Eyemazing, Die Zeit, Wired, PDN, Esquire and…

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joshua jensen-nagle

CANADAjensennagle.comHeading OutGoing DownWith the help of his latest 150-megapixel Phase One model, the great artist Joshua Jensen-Nagle captures large-scale and very high-quality dreaming scenery. Yet, the creation of such peculiar images depends above all on the Canadian photographer’s primary aim, that is, seizing a sensation or a particular feeling. This is the most important motif of his photographic research. And when you admire his dramatic, melancholic images you can easily comprehend his art core. Working on 2-meter long prints, Joshua allows viewers to completely enter the image and feel at ease. Joshua Jensen-Nagle has exhibited his works in countless personal and collective shows worldwide. He has also joined the major Art Fairs devoted to the fine art photo-market; his photos have been sold at auctions and published in limited edition…

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tomas van houtryve

USAtomasvh.comSignature behavior, 2013Tomas van Houtryve is today a photojournalist with VII Agency, an artist and writer who faces controversial contemporary issues throughout the world. When working for the Associated Press at the start of his career, Tomas was their first photojournalist to capture the military prison of Guantánamo Bay and in 2004 he started the seven-year-long project Behind the Curtains about the last countries where Communism was/is in power: North Korea, Cuba, China, Nepal, Moldova, Vietnam and Laos. Following his journalistic instinct and stunned by the poor information available about the drone war, in 2013 he decides to face this issue in his series Blue Sky Days by travelling extensively around the United States with a drone. This photo-project – published on Harper’s as the longest photo essay in the…

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oli kellett

GREAT BRITAINolikellett.comHubbard St, ChicagoThese works by the young British artist Oli Kellett are the result of a long project carried out during hours and hours of walking the American streets with his large-format digital camera as companion. The viewers, here captured by the warm, enchanting atmosphere created by light, are immediately spurred to observe the subjects involved but, in particular, their gestures and countenance. These people stuck at a crossroads look lost, stripped of their certainties, without being sure of which direction to take. These are fleeting instants that Oli Kellett has managed to capture by observing, covertly and with lots of patience – sometimes waiting for hours -, the perfect perspective from above. The large prints of this project were hosted for the first time in 2019 at Hackelbury…

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peter mathis

AUSTRIAmathis-photographs.atSnow #6, Switzerland, 2018“In early age, it was my brother who took me up onto the mountains. In 1979 I started with a small pocket camera to document my adventures in the mountains as well as my climbing routes. After many years of amateur photography I began working as a professional photographer in 1986.” Peter Mathis.After having worked for several clients, won important prizes like the Hasselblad Master and published numerous photo books, Peter Mathis has entirely devoted himself to landscape photography and to the creation of large format pictures. Here he perfectly combines his true passion for Nature with his love for rigorously pure black and white photography, namely the one originating from light and forms. Thanks to his top experience in mountaineering and with photographic technique, his magic…